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Nebraskas Department of Education Data Reporting System

Education Staff

Education Staff data is collected initially in the Fall on the NSSRS Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment templates.  This data can be updated throughout the year.  Education Staff data includes:
     • Certificated staff, i.e., teachers, counselors, principals, etc. 
     • Staff that are licensed, i.e., school nurses, physical therapists, etc.
     • Business managers, technology coordinators and Athletic Directors (may or may not be certificated).

Education Staff are divided up into three staff types: Administrative, Teacher or Other. 

Administrative:  Includes staff in administrative positions.  Most positions require an administrative certificate.

Teachers:  Include staff in teaching positions. 

Other:  Includes staff not included in the teachers or administrative categories.  These staff may include positions like school nurses, physical therapists, speech pathologists, counselors, librarians, etc.


 Education Staff Types

Education Staff - Staff Types Dashboard.aspxEducation Staff - Staff Types Dashboard
This dashboard provides advanced analysis of education staff data by staff type.

 Teacher Courses

Education Staff - Teacher Courses Dashboard.aspxEducation Staff - Teacher Courses Dashboard
This dashboard provides advanced analysis of teacher course data by subject category.
Funding and support provided by a Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems grant from the U. S. Department of Education through P. L. 107-279 Educational Technical Assistance Act of 2002 (ACT).
Nebraska Department of Education Data Reporting System
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